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Introducing / JOY SPARKES

Posted by Gemma Baxxxxzzxxxxx on

/ if you were someone else, introducing you at an event/party, what would you say?

This is Joy, She likes it when people open with a cutting story of harsh reality so that you can both find the hope in it together.
/ what makes you feel at home in a strange place?

Music and a bed, any bed… it could be yours, it just needs to be soft with 2 quilts.  
/ something silly you can’t throw out but never use

My ego.
/ snack suggestion for melbourne (ie popcorn at cinema nova, boreks at vic market)
Tahina , High Street. Order the cheapest thing on the menu and fill up on the free tahini and pita ends.
/ word you use the most (currently)

/ you have $10 in your bank account, what do you buy, if anything

Zucchini, sweet potato, 6 eggs and a kinder surprise.
/ winter tip

Have more sex.
/ idea of a gr8 night out

Driving to Mt Macedon and camping under the stars with a HUGE fire.
/ idea of a gr8 night in

Depends on the day but there is always lindt dark orange chocolate involved.
/ favourite emoji

Nah… emoji’s are not my bag lately. I prefer to confuse people with consonants and vowels.
/ fave childhood memory

Putting all of my underwear on at once and running outside down the driveway half naked with my hands in the air… did it last week too.
/ average wake up time

/ first thing you do when you wake up

Masturbate or meditate
/ favourite supermarket section

Fruit and veg and nutella
/ muse at the moment/someone who you think is doing cool shit you’re inspired by

Gemma Baxter & Friendships.
/ something you’d like to own or are aspiring to purchase

Big block of land near a river.
/ banger that makes you see the sun when it’s a gross day

Millie and Andrea… Drop the Vowels.
/ favourite music video at the moment

It’s less about the music and more about the weird but anything Cool 3d World.
/ complete the sentence; When I see a ______, I feel totally rejuvenated and positive

/ favourite toast spread

/ something you take for granted

My body
/ if you got a magical career change at 40, what would you be

A successful musician or a shaman
/ favourite corner

My elbow?
/ favourite place you go to feel small/wonderment/watch the world and get some perspective?

The bridge on the Yarra or that place on High Street where you can see the city.
/ signature colour

Got any Blacker
/ a bad habit of yours

Denigrating my intellect and my experience
/ your best feature/characteristic (in your opinion)

I’m a very kind person.
/ tell us a story about a ritual or regular thing you do/have with others

/ what’s something you’re working towards that’s really important to you?

Acceptance, awakening and awkwardness.  

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