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Posted by Gemma Baxxxxzzxxxxx on

/ if you were someone else, introducing you at an event/party, what would you say?


This is Joy, She likes it when people open with a cutting story of harsh reality so that you can both find the hope in it together.


/ what makes you feel at home in a strange place?


Music and a bed, any bed… it could be yours, it just needs to be soft with 2 quilts.  


/ something silly you can’t throw out but never use

My ego.


/ snack suggestion for melbourne (ie popcorn at cinema nova, boreks at vic market)


Tahina , High Street. Order the cheapest thing on the menu and fill up on the free tahini and pita ends.


/ word you use the most (currently)



/ you have $10 in your bank account, what do you buy, if anything

zuccini, sweet potato, 6 eggs and a kinder surprise.


/ winter tip

have more sex.


/ idea of a gr8 night out

Driving to Mt Macedon and camping under the stars with a HUGE fire.


/ idea of a gr8 night in

depends on the day but there i always lindt dark orange chocolate involved.


/ favourite emoji

nah… emoji’s are not my bag lately. I prefer to confuse people with consonants and vowels.


/ fave childhood memory

putting kk of my underwear on at once and running outside down the driveway half naked with my hands in the air… did it last week too.


/ average wake up time



/ first thing you do when you wake up

masturbate or meditate


/ favourite supermarket section

fruit and veg and nutella


/ muse at the moment/someone who you think is doing cool shit you’re inspired by

Gemma Baxter & Friendships.


/ something you’d like to own or are aspiring to purchase

Big block of land near a river.


 / banger that makes you see the sun when it’s a gross day

Millie and Andrea… Drop the Vowels.


 / favourite music video at the moment

It’s less about the music and more asbdout the weird but anything Cool 3d World.


/ complete the sentence; When I see a ______, I feel totally rejuvenated and positive



 / favourite toast spread



/ something you take for granted

my body


/ if you got a magical career change at 40, what would you be

a sucessful musician or a shaman


/ favourite corner

my elbow?


/ favourite place you go to feel small/wonderment/watch the world and get some perspective (if you have one! ie. I go and have a beer by myself on the cookie verandah section, but often get booted because it’s the smoking section lol)

The bridge on the Yarra or that place on High Street where you can see the city.


/ signature colour

Got any Blacker


/ a bad habit of yours

denigrating my intellect and my experience


/ your best feature/characteristic (in your opinion)

I’m a very kind person.


/ tell us a story about a ritual or regular thing you do/have with others



/ what’s something you’re working towards that’s really important to you?

Acceptance, awakening and awkwardness.  

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