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Care Instructions

Posted by Adrian Beyerle on

Please refer to garment swing tags for care. If you have any queries or concerns, please get in touch with me via email at 

Reflective garments

Reflective garments such as the Street Vest or pocket flap on the Weekend Shorts, must be cared for with extra care, so I mention this here. 

The reflective fabric and vinyl (all 3M) is composed of many tiny glass beads, and a layer of 'glue' on top to keep them together and provide some protection. This top layer is susceptible to being worn away by bleach and harsh stain removers. In fact, in trying to treat some new garments for minor production errors, I tried using stain remover and even though I was exceptionally careful to not use it near the reflective decal, some of the glue coating has been stripped back in the wash so it looks a little scratched. I, personally don't mind this, clothing that looks like it's been worn and used, but if you'd like a like-new garment, please only use regular soap, wash inside out or by itself, in cold water (reflective fabric doesn't like high heat), and lay flat to line dry. Not dryer, no dry-cleaning, no ironing! 

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